Newcastle Coach Company

The two main services that we offer come under the headings of Newcastle Minibus and also Newcastle Coach Company Hire as well. We offer both these services together and also as separate entities. This is normally available for groups which are in the region of sixteen plus, but the minibus service is available to people in the region of eight to fourteen.

However, we must stress that the most suited service for your particular visit will depend on your specific needs. An example that can be given is where there is a small group of people travelling who have a great deal of luggage. This could be for Airport journeys or sporting events e.g. cricket, football etc. Here the best source of transport could be a minibus instead of a coach as a minibus has vast open space inside and will also work out cheaper, but as effective as hiring a coach.

Where a journey is long distance, a coach service may be best suited as it has more facilities and these can include an on board toilet, mini-bar, fridge and many other extras. Such services may also offer you overnight availability.